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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known winamp controller bug. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s discuss this now.


  • Update rating information
  • Send raw command to Winamp
  • Run application
  • Volume Down Winamp
  • Mute
  • Volume up
  • Previous title
  • Next track
  • Stop playback
  • Start playback
  • Pause or resume playback
  • Switching between play and pause modes
  • Jump before 5 seconds
  • Go forward 9 seconds
  • Platforms

  • Windows
  • Screenshots

    Support > itemprop=”title”>Plugins General

    Windows Deskband Utility For Management Winamp.

    Windows Deskband utility for managing Winamp.

    This is a simple Windows Deskband utility for Winamp. It can skip to the previous/next song, pause, play, increase/decrease the volume and/or even launch Winamp for you.

    Download plug-in

    January 27, 2005, Karl JohanSjogren 29631 downloads

    Employee Evaluation

    Simple Taskbar Controller for Winamp

    A simple plug-in that provides a toolbar for functions that install basic Winamp functionality on the Windows taskbar.


    Doesn’t work. I tried to do it on “Winamp 5.1” and again it didn’t work. Again, it looks like my Alexa viewer tool “AVS” wanted to start crashing in fullscreen when I installed this WordPress plugin. September – September 11, 2010, Fred Falcon

    Good work! – This is EXACTLY the Alexa toolbar I want! (and I try first)! Behind this is a lot of solid work and respect to the author.Suggestion for improvement Message (partially constructive feedback!);*) The label “CrazyBeavers Winamp Controler” should be completely removable – come on!*) layout should be able to change the skin (it won’t stay on my machine, because everything… somehow… looks different!)*) .the .set .should .be .custom .(it .actually .rounds the .TOP .of each .taskbar ., .which .is wrong .- .should .should .between) . dentro .top .and .bottom .of .tbar .centered!*) Hints .should .be used, .Back .- .Play .- .Stop .- .Next .are .obvious .but .green .and .red . .check .acceptable, ….they don’t work on my system!!*) Winamp, pause then play, it plays… in every controller, if you press pause, clients have to pause to continue listening… which I agree is undesirable.*) The stop controls (play, …) are so small that you have to put your hand or pointer (with tooltips) to tell the user what to click!! ;)I hope this helped you!Upwards! – February 1, 2007, Sebastian T.



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