Here are some simple steps to help you solve the problem with the error response text with ready status text 0.

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    From W3schools: readyState=0. Means that the request will not be sent. (Your browser is not connected to a specific server).

    I seem to get the following error: jquery ajax readystate 0 responsetext status nil statustext error when I type it: url( .htm ) it still works fine if I give url(localhost:""/embparse_page) on localhost.

    I tried to use the main names that I found in a Google search and used. beforeSend:"" too, but still works.

    I think the main problem is this: Failed to load with xmlhttprequest. The origin "local server" is also not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. I still don’t get it.

    Since I’m new to this, can most people explain the problem to others?

            Access-Control-Allow-Origin="*"     Page Analysis            

    Mark Andracek Jr.


    May 29, 2012 4:14:43 PM 29.05.12

    How do I resolve this zero status text Error?

    On the other hand, if you have a blog site using HTTPS, all XHR fetch requests must also use HTTPS. Your service only responds to HTTP, which is causing this error to appear. To resolve this issue, also enable HTTPS for the API service. Thanks!


    I’m using Cordova 1.7 with a great android app (I’m currently using the emulator on 2.3.3).

    I’m using jquerymobile, so jquery. Did I actually set up jquerymobile to allow cross domain sites and I had $.support.cors = true;. Most of my working ajax requests are fine.

    However, only a few of them give me readyState 0, status 0, error statusText, and the expected JSON-formatted responseText. These few guides have something in common. They return 206 Partial Content Response, http instead of 200 OK. These few elements are paginated and also use the Content-Range and Range headers.

    I tried to use the statusCode targets in the jquery ajax call, but the 206 function is rarely called.

    The same queries only work on desktop, or even on the Android web browser on their own emulator (using relative urls here). our own server).

    statustext error responsetext readystate 0

    If this was a cross-domain issue, would I really expect my other similar ajax requests to have the same issue?

    Any helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated.