If you’re experiencing a schtasks.exe error class error on your PC, you should check out these suggested solutions.

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    The Class Really Registered error usually points to an unregistered DLL file, which is required for all programs to work properly. A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file is a log file that contains code and data that can be used by multiple programs for the same event and helps reduce code and disk space usage.

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    How do I re-register my Explorer frame?

    Solution 2 – Re-register ExplorerFrame 1) Press the Windows Serious logo key + X at the same time, then click Command Prompt (Admin). Click Yes when prompted to manage the user account. 2) Enter regsvr32 ExplorerFrame. dll in the command prompt window and press Enter to sort it.

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    Why does my computer say Explorer EXE Class not registered?

    Windows 10 Patroller exe class unreported error can usually be caused by missing or corrupted system files. Probably the easiest tool to repair and restore system files is the System File Checker or an equivalent of SFC. You need to run this tool on your computer and it will effectively resolve the class not registered error on your computer Not with Windows.

    Scheduled task fails with class not registered error

    I manually run VBP 6.2a with no problem. When I run this type of scheduled task from the command line, the line

    “C:ProgramsVisBuildPro6VisBuildPro.exe” /b C:nightlybuildsurfcam-svn.bld

    It launches the GUI, but it also pops up a dialog box that says

    Visual Build Pro builder component initialization error: Class not registered
    I agree to click this checkbox and build myself, but it depends on this nightly software work.borke. What is outrageous is that this machine has managed to collect builds for over a month without any issues. It only started last Wednesday for no apparent reason. Uninstalling, reinstalling and only VBP did not work, as did getting the latest MS Windows XP updates.

    Here is the info from Help->About. Ideas?

    Visual Build Professional 6.2a
    Registered to help: Inc Surfware, (1 computer license)
    Windows Version: 5.1.2600.2.0
    Installation path: C:ProgramsVisBuildPro6
    SftTree_IX86_U_50.dll version 5.05
    package unins000.exe
    VisBuildCmd.exe version
    VisBuildPro.exe version
    Alternative to VisBuildBld.dll
    VisBuildBurn.dll version
    VisBuildCore.dll version
    Manufacturing VisBuildDotNET.dll
    VisBuildExt.dll version
    VisBuildLog.dll version
    Marking VisBuildMisc.dll
    VisBuildMS.dll version
    VisBuildMS2.dll version
    Manufacturing VisBuildNet.dll
    VisBuildSvr.dll version
    VisBuildSvr.Interop.dll version


    Windows meant that with every concurrent release and change, there was work to fix bugs. They read the general comments on their forums and improve them with each update, fixing many known issues. But the truth is that many of them remain unresolved, some are under construction, and today we just need to learn how to deal with them. One of these known issues occurs when the user receives the following error when trying to open File Explorer for work apps:

    Class Not Registered Error On Windows 10

    How do I fix a class not registered error?

    Perform a Windows update.Restore Windows 10 MS Edge as your default browser.Run the DISM command and the sfc /scannow command.Registering unregistered DLLs.Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and . NET framework.

    A number of known applications where we are getting this error can be File Explorer, Internet Explorer, Start Menu, etc. Since these applications are extremely important, the problem can lead to a complete stoppage.

    The reason for this new error is that the DLL files associated with these programs are not registered. Try the following solutions one by one to fix the issue:

    Solution #1: Register DCOM Components

    1] Press Win + R to open the run window. Enter the dcomcnfg command. Press Enter to open the Component Services window.

    2] In the Component Services window, under Support and Extensions, navigate to the followingpath:

    Solution 2 – Re-register The ExplorerFrame.dll File

    1] Press Win + R to open the Run window and optionally type cmd. Pressing the enter key opens a command prompt window.

    regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll

    Press Enter, run the current command, and restart the circle. This helps to identify and replace corrupted operating files.

    Solution Or Maybe More Reset – Default Apps

    1] Find the default apps in the Windows 10 search suggestion. Click the default apps icon.4

    Solution. Run The System File Checker To Successfully Replace The Corrupted ExplorerFrame.dll File.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • Step 3: Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

  • If the ExplorerFrame .dll system file itself is corrupted, the above procedure will not work. In this case, we will probably try an SFC scan.

    1] Open this command prompt as suggested in Beyond the solution.

    schtasks.exe error class not registered

    System File Checker is a very useful utility integrated thanks to the concept of Windows Resource Protection. Since the routine is not designed to protect files, it looks forreverts the transformation and rolls back the changes, if any. Read more here.

    Solution 4 – Start The Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service

    2] Find the specific ETW collection service for Internet Explorer. Since the services are listed in alphabetical order, this should not be difficult.

    3] Then right-click it and select Start. I would say this will start the service.

    • if an unregistered explorer.exe class error occurs
    • how to fix this error
    • How DiskInternals Partition Recovery can help you

    How To Generate Explorer.exe Class Not Logged Error

    In general, here are a few methods that we can recommend, and any of them can be your solution.

    Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer

    To begin fixing this excellent Windows error, try restarting Windows Explorer. This action can be performed from the current task manager panel.

    Method 2: Run The Code From The Command Line

    schtasks.exe error class not registered

    Another way to fix this error is to use the command line. However, to complete this method, you will needYou have administrator access to the computer.

    Method 3: Close And Uninstall ICloud Using Task Manager

    A Windows technique called iCloud sometimes causes a “category explorer.exe not registered” error. Therefore, you can disable this practice by fixing the problem.

    Method 4: Create A Current Microsoft Account In Windows 10

    If the suggestions above didn’t work, it’s time to create a new MS account from the settings page. This method helped some workers who encountered the “Explorer Classroom not registered” error.

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