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    You may encounter an error code indicating that qtp does not register on Windows XP. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about shortly.


    Qtp Does Not Change The Application

    qtp not recording in windows xp

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    1. This application must be open to watch the QTP tool open; otherwise QTP will not register the application. Therefore, always open QTP first and then navigate to the open application.
    2. Check the persistence settings and therefore the runtime options in the QTP tool settings

    You can access this environment menu by choosing Automation > Recording and Run Settings.

    Make sure your config should look like this if not always changed accordingly

    Alternative selection buttons should save and run a scan in any open Windows application.

    1. Make sure Addis is not downloaded or only downloaded for your application

    First of all, you must be sure that the application you aresave is on the path to your web app as well as the windows app

    For a Windows application, the add-on must be downloaded here (in RMS)

    Check that the add-in has been loaded or written by selecting File->Settings

    from the menu.
    qtp not recording in windows xp

    Check if the add-on is activated, and if not, follow the instructions

    If the checkbox is not checked, pansies will be displayed in the Show Add-on Manager at Startup checkbox

    Close QTP and then reopen the QTP application. Now when the QTP add-on starts, the delay looks like this: determine the needs of the add-on based on your needs aria-descriptionby=”caption-attachment-199″



    QTP Application

    “&h=768” srcset=” 1024w, =150&h=113 150 W /a.png?w=768&h=576 768w”>Qtp No Graba En Windows Xp
    Qtp Nie Nagrywa W Systemie Windows Xp
    Windows Xp에서 Qtp가 기록되지 않음
    Qtp Non Registra Su Windows Xp
    Qtp Ne Zapisyvaet V Windows Xp
    Qtp Neemt Niet Op In Windows Xp
    Qtp Nao Grava No Windows Xp
    Qtp Spelar Inte In I Windows Xp
    Qtp Zeichnet Nicht In Windows Xp Auf
    Qtp N Enregistre Pas Sous Windows Xp