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    today’s guide is designed to help you when you receive an error code related to the rediffmailpro configuration in Outlook 2010.

    Microsoft Outlook Office 2003 and earlier – IMAP account configuration details

    Microsoft Outlook Office 2010 – IMAP Account Settings

    Is rediffmail POP or IMAP?

    In October 2010, launched Rediffmail NG, a mobile paid email service that supports all Symbian mobile websites, including Java and Android. In addition, it offers synchronization between the user’s phone and PC. It offers unlimited storage for POP3 and IMAP email logs.

    1. Start Outlook.
    2. On the File menu, click About, Snap Account Settings
    3. and

    4. Select account settings from the description.
    5. On the Email tab, click Mail, and again, select your email account, then click Next.
    6. Check “Manually configure server settings or additional web servers” types and then just click
    7. Then Internet E-mail and just Next.
    8. In the section, select IMAP Server Information as the account type.
    9. In the “Your” field, you start with your name exactly how you want it to be displayed to recipients. you
    10. In the Person’s E-mail address field, enter this e-mail address. field
    11. In “Username”, enter your account name.
    12. In the “Required” field, enter your password “password”.
    13. In the Incoming mail server field, enter
    14. Enter the outgoing server field in smtp (smtp)

    Before clicking Next, click More. Make sure the settings match those specified in the following steps. Start=”14″

    1. Enter your name and first name and the person’s email address to reply to in the ” ” tabGeneral. This address is usually the same as your email address.
    2. Click the tab for Outgoing Mail Server. If you are using this web server for the email sending service, select the following method: My outgoing mail server Must (smtp) be authenticated. You
    3. select “My outgoing server requires authentication”
    4. Go to the “Advanced” tab. Make sure the incoming transport numbers are set to 143 and the outgoing numbers are set to 587.
    5. To select Also Delivered Emails, Sync Sent Expense Items.
    6. Enable “Save sent items in the following folder on the server”
    7. Select the Sent folder to save forwarded emails.
    8. Click ok”, “And then click done”.
    9. Click Next when you have entered all the details.
    10. Outlook now checks situation records. You press a button and “Close” does it immediately.
    11. Click the Send/Receive button (located in the top left corner of the Outlook 2010 window as shown in all the images below) and your The email will be securely downloaded to your address.

    Microsoft Office 2007 Outlook IMAP Billing Setup

    1. Start Outlook.On
    2. click “Tools” in the “General” section of the menu in “Account Settings”.
    3. Click New.
    4. At this point Microsoft click Exchange, POP3, or imap HTTP, then click Next.
    5. In the Auto Account Setup dialog box, select the Manually configure server settings, additional server types if necessary, and then click Next.
    6. Click Internet” “Email”, then click “Next”.
    7. In the section, select IMAP Server Information as the account type.
    8. In the “Name” field, you enter your name exactly as you want it to be displayed to users.
    9. In the Email address field, enter your email address.
    10. In the Username field, enter your credit account name.
    11. In the “Password” field, enter a password, protect your .In
    12. Write in the field Incoming from imap
    13. To Outgoing devices (smtp) smtp name=”OLE_LINK1″>

    Before you click Next, click More. Make sure the exact settings match those specified in the following steps.

    1. On the “General” tab, enter your email address To in the Reply To field. this is usually your email address.
    2. Click the Outgoing Server tab. If you are using this service’s sending server for newsletters, select the option: Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. You
    3. select “My outgoing server requires mail authentication”
    4. Click on the Advanced tab. Make sure port numbers are enabled to set incoming= and 143 outgoing=587.
    5. To send sync emails, select the items on the Sent tab.
    6. Enable the “Save sent items to the following directory on the server” alternative
    7. Select the Sent Items folder to save your sent emails.
    8. Press AND o . k.Then click Done.You
    9. Press when “Next”, you will see that the data has been entered.
    10. Outlook will validate the options you entered. Press ” Close” when you’re done. You
    11. click the button (this send/receive is the top allowed side of the Outlook 2010 window pane, as shown below), your email will be moved to your inbox.

    Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook And Earlier Account Start=”1″ Outlook-imap-config

    1. Launch Outlook.
    2. On the menu, click Tools Email Accounts.
    3. In the Email Accounts section, click Mail Add New Email Account, then fix it, click Next. Optional
    4. Select IMAP as the type associated with the account you are creating and click Next. field
    5. In Your Name, enter your name that you want to be displayed to recipients.
    6. In the Email Range field, enter your email address. You
    7. Enter your username for the name wallet in the field.
    8. Enter the personal data field in the password field.Mail Inbox
    9. on Imap server (imap),
    10. to the outgoing web server (SMTP)

    Before “Next”, you must press Press “And more” “Settings”. Make sure that the parameters match the parameters of the person, as indicated in the instructions below.


    1. On the General tab, enter your name and a good email address to reply to. This is usually the same address as your email program.
    2. Click the Outgoing Server tab. If you use this service’s server to send email, select the option: My outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication”. My
    3. Select the outgoing mail server that requires authentication”
    4. how to configure rediffmailpro in outlook 2010

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