Recently, some users reported to us that they encountered error 998: Card rejected.

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    Processor failure indicates that the client’s bank rejected the trade request. Sometimes you can find out why it was rejected by reading the response code, but only the master bank can confirm a specific good reason. The most common reasons for rejection are: Wrong credit card number with expiration date.

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    Companies must constantly check these codes during the transaction andMake the transaction eligible for record keeping to avoid possible problems later.

    As a buyer, please review the list of credit card decline codes are important . Helps the person understand the exact cause of the error and can save you time trying to identify the problem and what to do next.

    Here is a list of many common credit card charges and error codes that occur during a transaction. These codes certainly apply not only to high credit gaming card transactions, but to all types of sales of a product or service.

    What Is A Credit FX Chargeback?

    Why is my card getting declined I have money?

    Your calling card may be rejected for various reasons: the card has expired; You have exceeded the pause limit; the card issuer sees suspicious activity that may indicate fraud; or a hotel, car rental company, or other business has blocked (or withheld) the total estimated amount of the person’s account from your card account.

    How do I fix my declining card?

    Find out the reason for the rejection. After the refund is declined, your credit card company or possibly the bank can tell us the reason for the rejection.Contact a credit company or bank.

    A credit card rejection occurs when an online payment cannot be processed for a specific reason. The service will not be completed just because the request was rejected by every processor, issuing bank and payment made to you by the gateway.

    categorizes credit card rejection
    A soft rejection occurs when the offering bank that issued the money approves the payment, but the transaction for some reason does not apply.

    On the other hand, definitive denials occur when the loan company completely refuses to pay for going through the process.

    In any case, you need to quickly make sure that the commission is not lost due to the rejection of the card by the issuer. If this is a brand new hard failure, the client must notify the issuing bank in order to process it properly.

    It is important to know credit card rejection codes
    If you have a high turnover or frequent purchases, a general knowledge of credit card chargeback codes can help identify problems.

    If someone is using a declined card as a customer, take your time, especially when the store is often crowded and customers take a long time to process payments thoroughly. Therefore, sellers may think that it is this mistake that makes them look for more significant and reliable retailers to purchase these items.

    Whatever the reason for the main payment failure, it’s good if you need to know that every time the card is rejected, the processor will report important information: an error code if error

    00 — Transaction successfully approved
    While not a failure, type is the most common code indicating that a transaction was successful and therefore authorized.

    List of rejected credit card codes
    Now that you’re familiar with credit card payment denials and what they mean in these day-to-day transactions, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the various credit card payment response codes. Below are the most common codes you may encounter. (Note which gateways or processors experts believe have different map error handling codes, or so reading the error message is highly recommended.)

    01 – Contact your card issuer
    Your loan broker declined the transaction. The cardholder should immediately contact the card issuer for further clarification. The seller may use a different credit card or use a declined card after a decision by the issuing bank.

    03 – Invalid vendor number
    This means that inOur store system is not working correctly, otherwise the data entered will fail. Review and reuse saved information.

    04 – Get a card
    The credit card used will be reported as lost or possibly stolen, which may result in the issuing bank denying the transaction. The merchant may request another card to complete the transaction. The customer can also contact their credit card issuer immediately to find a solution.

    05 – Honor
    The credit card issuer completely rejects the lack of a transaction. It is strongly recommended to contact the client with a request for another card or call me personally at the issuing bank to correct the error.

    error 998 card declined

    06 – Error
    If this is no longer guaranteed, do not use that credit card and end all relationship with the cardholder as this is a sign of fraud. The cardholder must contact the issuing bank.

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  • 12 – Operation
    This invalidity implies that the seller may have contributed to the invalidity of the information on several occasions. ny about the transaction. Check its gateway processor and connect carefully.

    error 998 card declined

    13 – Invalid written amount
    The amount may contain either an invalid character or a minus sign. Please check the information in the gateway or template before exiting to resolve this error.

    14 – Invalid card number
    The transaction was rejected because the credit card number provided is incorrect or does not exist. Check the card number again, maybe continue the transaction.

    15 – No transmitter
    This means that the credit card issuer does not exist. Check your debit card, then try again to make sure you’re making a transaction. For reference, American Express credit cards start with 3; credit card Visa Card at the start 4; 5 for MasterCard credit cards and Discover credit confirmation cards from 6.

    22 Suspicion – Fault
    During the transaction, the servicing bank will almost certainly not respond. The customer must verify their card and complete each of our transactions again.

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