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    List Of Error Codes Page 1

  • Code: E000-0000
  • Description: The main main thermistor reading does not reach 30°C 1 second after the main amperage switch is turned on. Or not reach 70C in 2 cases
  • Causes: The film fixing unit is defective. The main thermistor has an open circuit. The fuser heating element has an open circuit. Main power board defective. The DC controller circuit board is faulty. To clear the error, run the following command in the service function: COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR.
  • Remedy: 9.All Attachment connector connected?.. Main power supply <-> (j8) relay connector <-> heater b. control board DC <-> (j320) Relay connector Thermistor <-> NO: Connect the connector m. 2. Fixing the film block (thermistor) Check the process between pins 1 and 2, and also between pins 3 and hole 4 of the connector (4-pin) of most thermistors for continuity. Is it W (open)? ja: The central heating system has an open circuit or its thermal switch is open. Replace film control unit. 4. Main power board, DC regulator board. Press the start button. Is heater assembly voltage supplied through J8 on the large power board? With main heater: J8-1 (FSR1) J8-5 and (FSR COM) Auxiliary heater: between J8-3 (FSR2) Auxiliary J8-5 (FSR YES: com) Faulty heater controller power. Replace all main power boards. NO: The control la thermistor is mechanically problematic. They replace the DC control board.
  • Code: E001-0000
  • Description: The Vital thermistor detects temperatures of 250°C or higher
  • Causes: Faulty TV radiation fixing unit (i.e. most of the thermistor is shorted). The circuit power board is faulty. The DC controller printed circuit board is faulty. A warning. To useTo correct the error, remove the services from the following components: COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR.
  • Remedy: Check the clearance between pins 1 and 2, and between pins 3 and lug 4 (4-pin connector) with a thermistor for continuity. Is it (short 0w circuit)? Yes, the thermistor has a short output. Replace the film attachment unit. When the thermistor has a short signal, the display in service mode (COPY>DISPLAY>ANALOG) from the beginning will be as follows: FIXC= 250°C for real thermistor; FIX-E=310°C for each thermistor. 2. Main power board, DC controller board Try replacing the power board itself Problem YES: Solved? End. Replace No.: Controller board.
  • Code: E001-0001
  • Description. The main thermistor, also known as the secondary thermistor, detects that it is overheating (hardware circuit detection)
  • Causes: Faulty film thermocouple (i.e. short circuit of the thermistor). Main power board defective. The PCB of the constant current controller is defective. Attention, to reset the exact error, do the followingGeneral precautions: COPIER>FUNCTION>RESET>ERROR.
  • Remedy: Check the distance between pin 3 and pin 2 between pin 3 and pin 4 of the thermistor personal connector (4 pins) for electrical continuity. Is it 0W (short circuit)? thermistor: Yes gives you a short circuit. Replacing a film block with a fixing one by one person. If the thermistor is shorted, then only in the service mode (COPY>DISPLAY>ANALOGUE) the display will look exactly the same from the very beginning: FIXC= 250°C for the main thermistor; FIX-E=310°C lower due to thermistor. 2. Main board, DC controller power board Attempted to replace the main power board Problem solved? YES: end. Replace No.: Controller board.
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